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What is Therapeutic Listening?

Therapeutic Listening is an evidence-based auditory intervention intended to support individuals who experience challenges with sensory processing dysfunction, listening, attention, and communication.

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Since the auditory system has connections to many parts of the brain, sound is a powerful way to access the nervous system and affect changes at all levels.  The music in Therapeutic Listening albums gives the listener unique and precisely controlled sensory information.  The music is electronically modified to highlight the parts of the sound spectrum that naturally trigger attention and activate body movement. In addition to the electronic modifications, Therapeutic Listening capitalizes on the organized rhythmical sound patterns inherent in music to trigger the self-organizing capacities of the nervous system. 

Clients listen to specifically recorded and enhanced music via headphones as a part of an in-clinic and/or home therapy program. Therapeutic Listening is implemented as part of a home program designed by a trained therapist to suit the unique needs of each client. There are five different series of music, with over 45 album selections, from which therapists can choose to develop a custom therapy program to suit the individual needs of each client.
Practitioners and caregivers commonly report seeing improvements in:
•    sensory modulation
•    posture and movement
•    attention
•    improved social interactions
•    increased engagement in the world
...all leading to gains in day to day function and communication. 

To gain a more in-depth understanding of commonly reported areas of change, please read more in our results section.

If you're a professional looking to learn how to implement Therapeutic Listening® in your practice click here to learn about our training.

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